Emma Curtis Hopkins Theological Seminary

Two-Three Year Ministerial Program

Admission to the Emma Curtis Hopkins Theological Seminary is open to all adults regardless of age, race, religion, ethnic background or sexual orientation.

Formal academic requirements are waived. Emphasis for admission is placed on a candidate's character, emotional ans spiritual maturity, commitment to service and spiritual aspiration. 

Applications are accepted throughout the year for the four different terms. Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.

Upon receipt of the completed application form and fee, a member of our Admissions Committee will contact the candidate to schedule an interview.

1 Year Practitioner Program 

Applications are accepted througout the year. Once an application is received someone from the admissions department will contact you. Practioner courses can be considered as credits toward a ministerial degree.

Individual Courses 
You may study any of the courses individually. They can also be applied as credits to a ministerial degree.

"According to Thy judgment it is well with me therefore it is well. According to Thy judgment it is well with all men, therefore it is well."

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