Emma Curtis Hopkins Theological Seminary
At this Seminary the teachings of inspired writers are proved to be identical in the native inspirations of all minds in common.

We perceive that inherently there is one judgment in all mankind alike. It is restored by the theology taught here. With its restoration we find health, protection, wisdom, strength, and prosperity.

The works of Emma Curtis Hopkins are broad and deep and cannot be understood by the intellect, but only by the high real self, deep within ones soul. You will know if you have heard from deep within you, as you will, personally experience your own evolution of consciousness. You will have the good you desire and more will be added; your true and perfect purpose in the divine plan will be revealed to you.

Before an individual can become ordained through the Emma Curtis Hopkins Theological Association, Inc., there are a series of courses that must be thoroughly studied, and course work to be done. The Following are the course requirements:

Course Catalogue
Course catalogue can also be mailed to you. Just fill out the contact information and make the request.

Two - Three Year Ministerial Program:

1. Scientific Christian Mental Practice
a. Workbook and Review Questions
b. Summary of First Six Chapters - Devoted to the Realization of the Christ, The "I" The 
    Perfect Self Within Man.
c. Summary of Last Six Chapters.
d. Summary of the Basic Lessons in Truth.
e. Twelve Jewels in the Holy Temple 
f. 12 Letters of Testimonials from people you have brought forth Good or helped in 
    some way.
g. Evaluation Test for Scientific Christian Mental Practice
2. Self Treatment:
a. Workbook and Review Questions
b. This work is about the Self and what has been revealed to you. You will need show 
    show some manifestations.

3. How to Attain Your Good.

4. According to Thy Faith

5. The Twelve Gates - 12 Statements of Truth to Evolve the Christ Consciousness-           The Gates represent the place in consciousness where the Divine flows into the human.

6. Class Lessons 1888 and Lessons in Christian Science (Consciousness Unfolding)
    Continuation of 12 States of Consciousness
a. This Unit and the study of 1888 is to tell us where we are in consciousness and
    what we need to do to further evolve into a greater consciousness.
b. Workbook and Review Questions
c. Treatment Work (12)
d. Exam

7. Judgment Series in Spiritual Science
    In this study one finds its judgment in all things bringing forth excellent results.

    Without good judgment we develop problems. In this study, we go into the study of

    all of the great bibles of the world and magnificent insight Mrs. Hopkins reveals to us

    in each. She reveals much to us other teachings than Christianity.

    a. Workbook and Review Questions
    b. Treatment Work (12)
    c. Exam

8.  Esoteric Philosophy in Spiritual Science
     In depth study of all the great religions of the world.
     a.Workbook and Review Questions
     b. Treatment (12)
     c. Exam

9.  Gospel Series in Spiritual Science
     This is the study of the Science of the Absolute.
     a. Workbook and review questions
     b. Treatment Work (12)
     c.  Exam

10. Genesis Series 1894
      Each chapter reveals age old spiritual principles which apply exactly to our living today.
      a. Workbook and Review Questions
      b. Treatment Work (12)

11. High Mysticism and Resume
      The study of Truth revealed by all the great sages of the ages.
      a. Radiant I Am
      b. Workbook and Review Questions
      c. Treatment Work (12)
      d. Exam

12. Bible Interpretations Series 1

13. Bible Interpretations Series 2

14. Bible Interpretations Series 3

15. Bible Interpretations Series 4

15. Bible Interpretations Series 5

16. Bible Interpretations Series 6

** All of these have a workbook and review questions and an exam.

17. There will also be course work in mental science by various teachings and bible studies.

One Year Practitioner Course

Scientific Christian Mental Practice
Lessons in Christian Science and (Class Lessons 1888)
Self Treatment
According to Thy Faith
How to Attain Your Good


**** Each course may be taken individually as well.

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