Emma Curtis Hopkins Theological Seminary
Message from The President
I started my journey five years ago and I have never looked back. I am non-conventional. I believe that everyone needs to be who they are and speak their Truth. This work is about Truth and what we know our very nature to be. It is about loving our neighbor as ourselves and having the courage to let go and let God. Faith is an unwavering faith in Spirit, OM, God, etc. Whatever you may call it. It is about knowing what your Good is and knowing that there is Good for all in this Universe. It is not about the ME aspect, but more about the WE aspect of life. You must learn love yourself to the fullest, because loving yourself is loving God. It is about a knowing that there is no death, but only Everlasting Life. You must be able to see the beauty of God in everything, especially in the face of error.

I decided to start this Seminary because Emma's teachings empower you, and allow you to be who you are. She teaches about all the religions and how to find the common bond they all share. This is why I love Emma. She saw Spirit in everyone, no matter what. You read her teachings and there is an AHA moment every single time!! I want to be able to empower others, and teach them to heal their lives themselves. The goal of the Seminary is to be able to heal a Universe and to be able to lift the veil of human conditioning and set Spirit free!!


Rev. Natalie R. Jean
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